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Emergency Plumbing Service 24/7

Our Plumbing technicians are emergency plumbing specialists who offer complete plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers. Our well-trained/ Uniformed plumbing technicians are familiar with all types of household, office, industrial and commercial plumbing systems. When something suddenly goes wrong with your toilets, showers, sinks, grease traps, drains or sewer pipes — we know how important a quick response can be.

Emergency Residential Services


One simple phone call, you can limit the stress and property damage that a sudden plumbing problem can bring. Our courteous, knowledgeable technicians will restore your household plumbing to proper function as soon as possible so you can carry on with your busy day or enjoy a restful evening.


Leaking Faucets and Toilets

  • Once your leaking toilet and faucet emergency has been handled and all repairs are made, a A. Smith Plumbing & Drain may be able to recommend upgrades or a simple retrofit to your washroom equipment. This can help prevent a future toilet leak or faucet malfunction.

  • Consider a plumbing maintenance contract so that A. Smith Plumbing & Drain can help you avoid any future toilet or bathroom faucet problems.

  • .If you notice one clogged toilet or bathroom sink, there may be others with impending problems. Call A. Smith Plumbing & Drain immediately.

  • If you notice a sink or toilet draining slowly, don’t let the situation continue. Small leaks or slow-running faucets and fixtures can easily turn into major property damage — or plumbing emergencies. Contact A. Smith Plumbing & Drain right away.

  • If you hear unusual toilet noises or a faucet squeals and squeaks, don’t wait. You may have a toilet blockage or pipe damage in the making. Contact A. Smith Plumbing & Drain immediately.

  • In emergency situations A. Smith Plumbing & Drain is always ready to help. Put us on speed-dial. Call us anytime 24/7.

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