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  Water Heater Warning Signs


  • A sudden spike in your utility bills. If your water heater suddenly has to work harder to get the job done, it may be a sign that repairs are necessary.

  • A leaking or rusted tank. Your water heater should be inspected regularly for physical signs of damage. Look for water pooling around the floor and/or corrosion on the unit itself.

  • Poor water quality. An aging heater may be the culprit behind rust-colored, foul smelling water coming out of the tap.

  • Noisy operation. Cracks, pops and other odd noises can indicate scale buildup on your unit’s heating elements.


Hot Water Tanks


If you have noticed a decline in your on demand hot water, it is a good idea to check your tank for leaks. A leaking hot water heater can cause significant increase in both your hydro and water utility expenses. Besides the fact that leaking water from any source can cause significant damage to your home, it is the heated water in your tank which will escape through the leak. This will be replaced by cold water. Your water heater then has to re-heat the new cold water. This is a waste of energy and water and a small leak can add up very quickly in increased energy consumption and cost.

Reasons to buy with A. Smith Plumbing:

  • Unlike retail water heaters our units are of higher quality with local parts

  • Same day diagnosis and repair of most water heater related issues

  • All units are covered under warranty our parts suppliers are open 24/7/365

  • No questions asked replacement policy.

The experienced plumbers at A. Smith Plumbing & Drain are capable of solving problems with any model or brand of electric water heater and replacing the mixing valve for the natural gas hot water tank and its water pipes. However, we do not service natural gas water heater tanks or tankless water heaters

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